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You need to have deep rooted knowledge and clarity of facts associated with the subject before you venture into the business of setting up a coaching institute. The students are smart enough to analyze your skill set and will only come over if you have the professional competence to teach the subject. The coaching centre should ideally be located in a central place. This essentially means that you will need to hire some commercial space preferably in some commercial complex within the main city or town; the coaching centre is intended to be located.

The coaching centre should have adequate infrastructure in the form of books, study material, adequate seating arrangement and some recreational facilities for the students. Adequate lighting and seating arrangement should be available for the students.As you fulfil the above listed prerequisites of setting up a coaching centre, it is time to begin. The coaching centre needs to have adequate space enough for your students to hang around. As the students will be coming on a daily basis to the coaching centre, it will be of worth if you are able to provide them with some extra space to keep their personal belongings.

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